Bennu Sundial Large Hoop Charm Earrings

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Bennu Sundial Large Hoop Earrings in 24KT Gold, Rose Gold and 925 Sterling Silver.

Egyptian Mythology 

According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being. This being played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum. The Egyptian meaning of the Bennu is 'palm tree' and also 'purple heron'. This bird is clearly associated with the Phoenix and its legend is associated with the Bennu. 

Bennu Sundial Large Hoop Earrings Features:

  • Large Hoop Earrings in 24 Karat Matte Gold Plated on Brass Metal
  • Large Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold
  • Large Hoop Earrings 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Earrings Size is Large Hoops
  • Hand Sculpted Charms are Hammered Sundial Shape 
  • Artisanal Handmade ByAris in NYC and Athens Greece