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Don't Let Other People Tell You Who You Are. You Tell Them Who You Are.

"Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period."
Pursuit of Happiness Movie

Warning!!! Baddest Bish Ever! Is Not For Everyone

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I am a Seeker who express myself through creativity.  Fashion, Music and various Genres of Design is my cause and effect.  I created two (2) different boutiques because I really love sharing my discoveries of really cool fashionable fine jewelry and luxury accessories with like minded people.  I'm not a mass-market type of girl.  I look for the un-ubiquitousness of special pieces that you can't just find anywhere and everywhere.  Why look like someone else?  Why not enhance what's cool with you and about you through your fashions?

The other thing about Baddest Bish Ever; it's about Multi-Generational Girls to Women; Multi Ethnicities, Races and Cultures who got Flava and not being categorized by who other's think you are.

Who and What is Baddest Bish Ever!

Baddest Bish Ever! is Fine Jewelry & Luxury Accessories online boutique. Fine Jewelry Pieces is a Legacy Investment Fine that you gift to next generations. 

One of my sister's and I always boutique and vintaged shopped. Meaning, we were always looking for fashion, shoes, jewelry & accessories that everyone else wouldn't have nor couldn't vet.  We always stood out because we were always the flyest.

Slayers Motto

"Your Crown Has Been Bought & Paid For. All You Must Do Is Put It On". Jane's Baldwin 

That's why I created Baddest Bish Ever!  So you can be that Fly and Fabulous Chic everyone want's to get to know because you look like a Boss; the Baddest Bish Ever!   Our tagline is "0 to 100, You Are the Boss, Play Your Position and Look Like a Boss!" Don't Be Scared!!!  

Who Are You and  How Do You Communicate It?

From some people's perspective, this question may sound superficial. But like it or not; folks, including yourself make judgements and assumptions about how you show up.  Even before you open your mouth to say who you are.

Being confident in being the best you that you can be and celebrating it and knowing you are the Temple.  Sometimes you're not going to feel it or believe this about yourself.  What you can do is look it and then let the emotions and your mentality catch up to you looking Good.

I've always been creative when it comes to fashions, and in various forms of art and design. I've always been that creative kid to adult. 

Standing Out Takes Balls

I really love fashion, jewelry, shoes and accessories.  I always notice people's eyes follow the most audacious dresser in the room. Especially in crowed rooms where everyone looks the same and want to fit in. You know that environment of safeness in sameness.  Yet, when the Fly Chic or Guy comes walking in the room, everyone's attention turns to them wondering who is this slayer who just walked into the room?


Baddest Bish Ever! MoodBoard

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Baddest Bish Ever Is Not for Everyone. If your that Person that is:

  • Know Who You Are
  • Is a Boss 
  • Where you are located
  • How long you have been in business
  • How long you have been running your online shop
  • Who are the people on your team

SUMMER 2018 - Baddest Bish Ever Designer's & Vendors

I traveled all summer to meet with different Jewelry Designers and Vendors to buy for Baddest Bish Ever Fine Jewelry.  I'm always looking for Uniqueness with Boutique Flavor; Fly, Fabulous Design and Materials and Exceptional Quality Fine Jewelry and Luxury Accessories.  Products that you normally don't and won't see in mass markets. In my pursuit, that's exactly what I found.  Check, check, check it out!


I come from both the Music & Fashion Industries. I was one of the 1st female HipHop Live Music Events producers at a time when venues were reluctant to allow hiphop in their establishments.  You really had to hustle to get insurance for rap shows back then.  I was always the only female in the room to financing from street entrepreneurs. Dennis Kimbrow book, "Thinks & Grow Rich A Black Choice" gave me the courage to do so. I've worked at both Universal Music & BMG along with many A Listers.  I also worked in the fashion industry for both Ralph Lauren and Jones Of New York, where licensed fashion brands reside.

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Taraji P. Henson aka Cookie Lyons who epitomize being a well known Baddest Bish Ever! in both her career and personal life.   Check out Evan Carmichael's, YouTube Series, Believe Nation with Taraji P. Henson Top 10 Rules For Success:

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